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27th May 2024

We Want To Interact


The feeling of slowly wandering in the market downtown in Gikomba, far from the usual tourist route, is divided.
You get swallowed up by all the colors and sounds around you and you get fascinated by all the clothes you recognize.
How did they end up here?
How much can a person throw away?
One gets a little sad about our never ending need to buy new stuff all the time.
It was down in Gikomba the thought of starting Back-to-you pre-loved-items, began.
Picking out the clothes we really liked ourselves and see if it works to sell them once more.
A small plan started to grow: Maybe we could work together with the people who know this area of Nairobi well..

SampleBar Kenya

This is a collaboration between InteractionAction AB, Libido music AB/Rumtiden, Stockhom, and DebeDebe Nairobi.
The project was partly founded by the Swedish Institute, Creative Force initiative 2019-2020.

A music table, were instruments threatened by extinction are sampled in a unique way, enabling them to be played on again and again, today and by future generations.

An activity that could benefit all State Parties to the UNESCO 2003 Convention, not only in the East Africa region but around the world” 
UNECO, regional office for Eastern Africa 2020 in a letter of support 
opening of the table in Nairobi

The grand opening was held at the Swedish ambassadors residence, in Nairobi 24th of November 2020. 
The embassy managed to hold a corona safe event, very impressive event.


SampleBar Part Two

After the wonderful evening at the Swedish Embassy, Nairobi we didn’t know what to expect of the future.

But the future was bright and we got a cutomer. Bomas of Kenya who wanted 8 tabels, each representing the former regions in the country. For Bomas this was a part of a bigger project, to build a new museum for preserving culture, we are pround to be a part of it.

We decided to make a joint venture, the swedish part still founded by the Swedish Institute.

Here are som stories from the 2 year project and som e of the field trips where we teamed up.

What are we doing?

Being given the opportunity to work far away from home, and experience a culture very different from your own, gives you a chance to reflect upon life and what makes us prosper.
During our stay in Kenya we had many discussions with many people about quality of life and how we live and learn.

InteractionAction started as a reaction to living in Nairobi. There was a wish to contribute and do something meaningful.
Work is so much fun when you do it with people who work together for something good for the planet.

We are with InteractionAction trying out different forms of social entrepeneurship and we want to find ways to collaborate with new and old friends along the way.
We hope you are one of them.