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26th May 2024

We leave Nairobi in rush hour traffic, which means we don’t actually leave Nairobi for a couple of hours. But the road is long and we don’t feel particularly down about it. Being in traffic like this, in this city, is an adventure in itself.

The first stop is a bit strange. Njama Choma is a place that means a long and heavy lunch. It comes a little too early and it’s not really something we can keep up with. A whole goat has to be eaten, probably slaughtered in the morning and tough as it should be. It’s not until darkness has fallen and four breakdowns later that we know it was the car that was the problem. Not just the car either, really. The driver can’t drive a manual car, which means he drove the bus to destruction on a low gear. Letting someone else drive is never an option, everyone has their task.

We drive through Bengali forest, we’re looking for the Phantom’s good mark on one of the houses, but come up empty-handed. He might be in another part of this forest.

We arrive at Hola Town far too late, but the hotel staff is kind and provides us with some food and Tusker to drink. Tomorrow, there will be filming and recording.

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