3rd October 2023

Kibisi Village is a small village located in the Sichei Location, which is in the Nandi County of Kenya. The village is also located in the western part of Kenya, and it is situated on the slopes of the Nandi Hills. And that’s where we are heading for another recording day.

The Sichei Location is home to a predominantly Kalenjin community, which is an ethnic group in Kenya. The instruments that  we are about to record are named: Litungu (string instruments), Shiriri (a one string instrument), Chimbongolo and Engoma.

Kalenjin music culture in Kenya is a vibrant and significant aspect of the Kalenjin people’s identity. It reflects their traditions, history, and way of life and has evolved over the years to embrace modern music genres while preserving their traditional music heritage.

The whole village came by during the day, not just to see us, more probably for listening and enjoying the music.

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