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26th May 2024

We had a great welcoming meeting at Bomas of Kenya on our first day. Second day started with a pre-meeting at Bomas where we met CEO Peter Gitaa and talked about the project in a larger sense. What we had done so far at what was in the pipe-line for the near future

playing the cultural game of waiting.

at the head office Bomas of Kenya

We also went through what to say at the next meeting of the day. Because immediately after the obligatory photo shout we took a car down to the city center för meeting number two.  Visiting the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage, the PS for State Departure of Heritage. The meeting was of course also about the SampleBar, but Håkan had prepared a pitch for future possibilities that could mean further collaboration and I think it landed well. It was a really productive meeting.

State department of Heritage  Ms Ummi Bashir,

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