3rd October 2023

It is not only in Kenya that things are happening. A large part of the work is done in Stockholm at Rumtiden AB.

Anna has designed a cool interactive table, which will be at the Etnografiska at Gärdet. Micke and Co are building as we write.

 Same idea of presentation will be down at Bomas of Kenya at the end of May 2023 that is when the 8 tables will be ready.

Håkan and Max take care of the music that comes in from the field trips, they reprogram it so that it is both sounds good andthat it is fun to use. It’s not as easy as it sounds, hours of programming lie behind each area and each table. The work is not done until it is great.

It is an enormous pleasure that Etnografiska has the first table that was made in Kenya, It is part of theirAfrica Next exhibition. They will launch it during the event: Kulturnatten 23 april 2022.

It also goes without saying that the table fits right into Rumtiden’s other exciting projects.

Rumtiden is a laboratory for studies of future possibilities, where observations, experiments and prototypes result in totally new ideas. Lite the SampleBar.

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