3rd October 2023

Leaving Hola town and following the Tana river south/east. Heading for Malindi and another recording day. This is especially fun for us since we get to meet friends from the first project.

Mijikenda. This time we will not head out to a remote village, instead we have rented a studio in the town. It was a warm greeting. Here are some facts about the music in the following days.

Mijikenda music is a type of traditional music that originates from the Mijikenda people, who are a Bantu ethnic group living along the coast of Kenya. The music is an integral part of the Mijikenda culture, and it is used in various ceremonies and celebrations.

Mijikenda music is characterized by its use of various musical instruments, such as drums, shakers, and flutes. The drums, which are the backbone of the music, are played using different rhythms, each with a specific meaning and purpose.

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