3rd October 2023

Leaving Nairobi and following the main highway towards Kampala, Uganda, we will touch the border and start making our first recordings in the western region. We will have our base in the city of Busia, located in Busia County which is the border town to Uganda. On the way, there are more and more green hills and the houses start to be built of red brick, which really characterizes Uganda but also this area. The sun set before we arrived and it feels very nice not to have to stand in the mile-long queue of trucks on the way to Kampala and maybe further away Instead we settle in a hotel in town.

The journey west was long, but in return the first recording is just outside Busia. Today we met people from two communities, Samia tribe and Teso tribre, The team unpacks and the musicians warm up, both themselves and the instrument. It will be a nice day with good recordings and also good performances.

Among the instruments that we will record are Adeude, a bass string instrument, and for the higher pitch, same look but smaller, Adeudeu. Also Akiguru, Atenuso (a sete of drums), Atenuso, Akisuk (drums).

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