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26th May 2024

Tourist’s Lament in a Congolese Jungle

Written by Martina Abrahamsson It’s the evening before gorilla day, and I’m sitting, sipping wine on a friend’s balcony in the heart of downtown Kigali. “-Say hello to the guerrillas… I mean gorillas tomorrow,” her husband says, smiling at me. It’s one of those smiles that subtly suggests, “because you’ve surely read up on the […]

One hidden Gem

Written by Hillevi Helm If you find yourself along the Kenyan coast, heading north from Mombasa, I want to tell you about a place you’ll reach before you get to Kilifi. There isn’t even a sign by the roadside, and it’s a few winding kilometers and intersections into a dirt road, so it’s not something […]

The Yaya Bookstore

I looked through the recommendations for tourists coming to Nairobi and was somewhat disappointed. Aside from various animal-centric attractions, the suggested places were rather dull. I won’t mention them here, as people have diverse preferences when it comes to exploring new places. But for me it’s a bit of a drag. So what was missing? […]


written by Hillevi Helm Today, I happened to find myself in an armchair, doing nothing, not because I had nothing to do. In reality, I have plenty of things awaiting my attention, but today I simply didn’t have the energy for them. I sat there daydreaming about the trips I want to take. Such moments […]

Following a dream

A story about two friend going to London, for painting, just that...

About a journey to London and a week all about creativity. Written by: Hillevi Helm “As far as I know, I have always been a dreamer”. One of my earliest memories of dreaming is of me being a professional football player. Not just any player, I aspired to be the best Swedish player at the […]