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26th May 2024

DebeDebe starts and ends the SampleBar-project Kenya.

This post will tell you a little about DebeDebe one of 3 legs without whom there would be no SampleBar Kenya. DebeDebe, is a community-based organization, formed in 2012 by 4 great percussionists from Nairobi: Zahir Nathoo, Izow Anyanga, Charlo Tea and Mbutch Mjingoma.  Debedebe works to protect and promote the art of live African […]

Hola Town recordingday

Tana River is  the longest river in Kenya, stretching for about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) from its source in the Aberdare Range in central Kenya to its delta on the Indian Ocean. Hola Town is closer to the Indian Ocean but still a bit from the coast allong the river We took an early trip […]

Recordings at Tana River

We leave Nairobi in rush hour traffic, which means we don’t actually leave Nairobi for a couple of hours. But the road is long and we don’t feel particularly down about it. Being in traffic like this, in this city, is an adventure in itself. The first stop is a bit strange. Njama Choma is […]


We had a great welcoming meeting at Bomas of Kenya on our first day. Second day started with a pre-meeting at Bomas where we met CEO Peter Gitaa and talked about the project in a larger sense. What we had done so far at what was in the pipe-line for the near future playing the […]

Landed and settled in Nairobi for no rest.

First meeting the same day as we landed was with the carpenter in one of the suburbs of Nairobi. DIxon started building a table. There was a lot to discuss but we are on the roll for eight tables, even if the future will hold some changes. After the meeting at the carpenter, we set […]

The whole team travel south

Early in the morning on february 8th, 2023 the whole team leaves from  Libido Music’s Office, Stockholm with a portable SampleBar and lots of enthusiasm for the first trip together as a team. Visiting Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi  but also to look at other new projects that are in the loop. The first stop is […]

Recording day in the green.

Kibisi Village is a small village located in the Sichei Location, which is in the Nandi County of Kenya. The village is also located in the western part of Kenya, and it is situated on the slopes of the Nandi Hills. And that’s where we are heading for another recording day. The Sichei Location is […]

Meanwhile in Stockholm

It is not only in Kenya that things are happening. A large part of the work is done in Stockholm at Rumtiden AB. Anna has designed a cool interactive table, which will be at the Etnografiska at Gärdet. Micke and Co are building as we write.  Same idea of presentation will be down at Bomas […]

Fieldtrip to the Western

Leaving Nairobi and following the main highway towards Kampala, Uganda, we will touch the border and start making our first recordings in the western region. We will have our base in the city of Busia, located in Busia County which is the border town to Uganda. On the way, there are more and more green […]

What is a recce tour?

I asked Daniel “Mbutch” Muhuni, responsible for the sound being recorded in the best way possible, so that it is easier for the team in Stockhom to run and sample it in the Samplebar. This is his answer: Hi, Recce Tour is the Planning and preparations  of the main field trip recording. The planning is […]

Bomas of Kenya visits Stockholm

In the midst of April, when the weather in Sweden transitions between winter and summer, we were lucky enough to have some pleasant spring weather in Stockholm. Though winter’s snow may have appealed to Njoroge, we were all happy to enjoy the sunshine. Kaithe Kiiru and Njoroge Kamau visited us at Libido Music, and we […]

The SampleBar Project

Introduction / Here write about how it started, Hillevi getting a job in Kenya, We saying to Håkan that it would be nice to do a project together, us meeting Mbutch through a drumcircle. Connecting the dots… Pic/video of us in a drum-circle?


The SampleBar Kenya – A unique way to preserve Cultural Heritage In our rapidly changing world many countries and regions are losing their roots, and cultural heritage. Many traditional musical instruments are at a danger of facing extinction. The young generation adopt to the western lifestyle and are not interested in learning the old songs […]