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26th May 2024

Not sure.

written by Daniel Wernegren In the song “The Hills,” The Weeknd sings: “When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me.” The song paints a depressingly realistic picture of the world. Reality is only true when it’s dark. The song comes to mind as I read Reiner Stach’s monumental biography of Franz Kafka. In the collective […]

Greetings from Rossi of Sweden

This incredibly beautiful video contains an extra nice detail: a blue scarf worn by Cia. I was present when that exact scarf was purchased. It happened in Jerusalem, during an Easter celebration many years ago. We had passed by the store several times, maintaining just the right level of disinterest one tries to convey when […]

Mtaani Jazz Festival May 5th 2024

Held in Kibera slums. Nairobi’s slum areas are awakening to a new era of culture and recreation for their residents, which are crucial elements for identity, pride and self-confidence.. These initiatives comes from the individuals living in the community or those who have lived there and now wish to contribute to their former neighborhood. In […]

The Drapó (holy flag) at The Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm

Written by Tina Hamrin The Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm opened in 1900 as a section of the National Museum of Natural History, but its collections date all the way back to the Natural History cabinets of the 17th century. The museum also features objects that were collected during the 18th century’s expeditions, and 19th […]

Putins playbook

Written by Johan Holm The new fascists don’t want to be called fascists. Social conservatives. Nationalists – Patriotic Alliance – anything but fascists. But Russia, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, the USA, France, and others are all different countries with one thing in common – their fascists all want the same thing. In some countries, they […]

The return of the renaissance man

Written by Johan Holm To be a Renaissance man originally meant to be knowledgeable in variousfields, broadly educated, and a humanist. The people of the Renaissanceera had a clear sense that their time marked something new. After athousand years in the shadow of the church and the medieval darkness,light, art, and profane knowledge were to […]


(Jo, jag är medveten om att vissa förenklingar gjorts av den svenska historien – men jag hävdar att beskrivningen på ett objektivt sätt skildrar utvecklingens stora drag Vi svenskar var inte på något sätt först med att omfamna demokratin eller jämställdheten. Faktum var att vi var sist i Norden med det mesta. Men när vi […]

The Fountain of Youth for the Modern Era

It really excist Written by Johan Holm Getting old isn’t much fun, and it was even less so back in the day when I was growing up in the 1960s. I recall with a certain amount of dread the large family dinners when someone in the extensive Holm family turned 50. The jubilarian had a […]

The Renaissance man 2.0

Written by Preben Wik Sometimes when I think of the state of the world, it strikes me that our adaptability as a species has worked to our benefit, and made us the top dog on the planet, but it also works to our disadvantage, and could become our downfall.It is not a good idea to […]

Bob Hund from the vault.

Found this interview från 2008, with one of our favourite bands from that age, and of course still a favourite band. Enjoy! Interview by Anahi Davila Eriksson When we get to meet Jonas Jonasson in the dressing room after an excellent performance, I’m very close to greeting him with a: “Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” His […]