3rd October 2023

Fieldtrip to the Western

Leaving Nairobi and following the main highway towards Kampala, Uganda, we will touch the border and start making our first recordings in the western region. We will have our base in the city of Busia, located in Busia County which is the border town to Uganda. On the way, there are more and more green […]

First Field Trip to Central Kenya

January 24-26 2022 The first field trip together with the Bomas of Kenya team went to the central region of Kenya, north of Nairobi. We visited two villages Kiartha Village in Kirinyaga county and Kibuiya kua Ruhia were we met local musicians who gave us a warm welcome. We recorded instruments, dances and made interviews […]

On Stage

The societal implications of AI and the fourth industrial revolution is an extremely important and urgent conversation to have.AI can become a blessing or a nightmare, and I think we need to talk about where we want it to go.Please invite me to hold a keynote on the subject. contact:

Nairobi October 2020

Hillevi and Preben are back in Nairobi to finish the first Kenyan Samplebar. We rent a small room close to where Mbutch lives near USIU, which is soon to be converted into student accommodation. We are in the last preparation of finishing the table waiting for the field trip to start. Preben is in charge […]

Back To You

Back to you Our idea is to make a closed cycle of the clothes that are dumped here in Africa, and bring them back to Europe for a second life. We want to start a circular clothing industry and at the same time give an opportunity for some people in Kenya to get a financial […]