3rd October 2023


Leaving Hola town and following the Tana river south/east. Heading for Malindi and another recording day. This is especially fun for us since we get to meet friends from the first project. Mijikenda. This time we will not head out to a remote village, instead we have rented a studio in the town. It was […]

Hola Town recordingday

Tana River is  the longest river in Kenya, stretching for about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) from its source in the Aberdare Range in central Kenya to its delta on the Indian Ocean.  We have arrived in Hola Town closer to the Indian Ocean but still a bit from the coast. We took an early trip […]

Recordings at Tana River

We leave Nairobi in rush hour traffic, which means we don’t actually leave Nairobi for a couple of hours. But the road is long and we don’t feel particularly down about it. Being in traffic like this, in this city, is an adventure in itself. The first stop is a bit strange. Njama Choma is […]

The whole team travel south

Early in the morning on february 8th, 2023 the whole team leaves from  Libido Music’s Office, Stockholm with a portable SampleBar and lots of enthusiasm for the first trip together as a team. Visiting Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi  but also to look at other new projects that are in the loop. The first stop is […]

Recording day in the green.

Kibisi Village is a small village located in the Sichei Location, which is in the Nandi County of Kenya. The village is also located in the western part of Kenya, and it is situated on the slopes of the Nandi Hills. And that’s where we are heading for another recording day. The Sichei Location is […]

Fieldtrip to the Western

Leaving Nairobi and following the main highway towards Kampala, Uganda, we will touch the border and start making our first recordings in the western region. We will have our base in the city of Busia, located in Busia County which is the border town to Uganda. On the way, there are more and more green […]

First Field Trip to Central Kenya

January 24-26 2022 The first field trip together with the Bomas of Kenya team went to the central region of Kenya, north of Nairobi. We visited two villages Kiartha Village in Kirinyaga county and Kibuiya kua Ruhia were we met local musicians who gave us a warm welcome. We recorded instruments, dances and made interviews […]