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26th May 2024

Greetings from Rossi of Sweden

This incredibly beautiful video contains an extra nice detail: a blue scarf worn by Cia. I was present when that exact scarf was purchased. It happened in Jerusalem, during an Easter celebration many years ago. We had passed by the store several times, maintaining just the right level of disinterest one tries to convey when […]

The Yaya Bookstore

I looked through the recommendations for tourists coming to Nairobi and was somewhat disappointed. Aside from various animal-centric attractions, the suggested places were rather dull. I won’t mention them here, as people have diverse preferences when it comes to exploring new places. But for me it’s a bit of a drag. So what was missing? […]

The Renaissance man 2.0

Written by Preben Wik Sometimes when I think of the state of the world, it strikes me that our adaptability as a species has worked to our benefit, and made us the top dog on the planet, but it also works to our disadvantage, and could become our downfall.It is not a good idea to […]


written by Hillevi Helm Today, I happened to find myself in an armchair, doing nothing, not because I had nothing to do. In reality, I have plenty of things awaiting my attention, but today I simply didn’t have the energy for them. I sat there daydreaming about the trips I want to take. Such moments […]

Bob Hund from the vault.

Found this interview från 2008, with one of our favourite bands from that age, and of course still a favourite band. Enjoy! Interview by Anahi Davila Eriksson When we get to meet Jonas Jonasson in the dressing room after an excellent performance, I’m very close to greeting him with a: “Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” His […]

Hola Town recordingday

Tana River is  the longest river in Kenya, stretching for about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) from its source in the Aberdare Range in central Kenya to its delta on the Indian Ocean. Hola Town is closer to the Indian Ocean but still a bit from the coast allong the river We took an early trip […]


We had a great welcoming meeting at Bomas of Kenya on our first day. Second day started with a pre-meeting at Bomas where we met CEO Peter Gitaa and talked about the project in a larger sense. What we had done so far at what was in the pipe-line for the near future playing the […]

Recording day in the green.

Kibisi Village is a small village located in the Sichei Location, which is in the Nandi County of Kenya. The village is also located in the western part of Kenya, and it is situated on the slopes of the Nandi Hills. And that’s where we are heading for another recording day. The Sichei Location is […]

Meanwhile in Stockholm

It is not only in Kenya that things are happening. A large part of the work is done in Stockholm at Rumtiden AB. Anna has designed a cool interactive table, which will be at the Etnografiska at Gärdet. Micke and Co are building as we write.  Same idea of presentation will be down at Bomas […]


The SampleBar Kenya – A unique way to preserve Cultural Heritage In our rapidly changing world many countries and regions are losing their roots, and cultural heritage. Many traditional musical instruments are at a danger of facing extinction. The young generation adopt to the western lifestyle and are not interested in learning the old songs […]