3rd October 2023

In the midst of April, when the weather in Sweden transitions between winter and summer, we were lucky enough to have some pleasant spring weather in Stockholm. Though winter’s snow may have appealed to Njoroge, we were all happy to enjoy the sunshine. Kaithe Kiiru and Njoroge Kamau visited us at Libido Music, and we were excited to show them around.

We started off with an informative meeting at Libido Music and Rumtiden Lab, and after that, visited some of Stockholm’s finest museums. The Scenkonstmuseet was especially impressive, with its Samplebar – a unique display of instruments played on a table behind glass. This is the first SampleBar for a museum in the world, made by Libido Music. It was heartwarming to see children having fun with the interactive exhibit, just the way we hope it will be in Nairobi soon.

After lunch, we took a ride on electric scooters and then visited the World Heritage Museum to marvel at the Mijikenda Table and enjoy familiar rhythms. We also went to the Technical Museum, which provided even more inspiration.

We are grateful to Bomas for visiting us and appreciate Stockholm’s good weather. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

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