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Our idea is to make a closed cycle of the clothes that are dumped here in Africa, and bring them back to Europe for a second life.

We want to start a circular clothing industry and at the same time give an opportunity for some people in Kenya to get a financial boost.

We pick up the finest fresh clothes, that have landed here in Nairobi. Maybe they need a new button or a minor adjustment that can be fixed by a local talent.

We are number three in a chain of buyers, which mean that for every item we buy, two other persons benefit. You dear customer is number 4 in the chain.

Is it sustainable to fly clothes back? Yes we think so, so far we have used voluntary carriers, who had still made their journey and had space over in their packing. If there is any store / retail chain that wants to sell on a slightly larger scale in the future then there is contact with transport by boat.

At home in Sweden we have been seen on flea markets and some vintage stores receive the goods.

If anyone is looking to jump into the cycle, let us hear from you, we will find a solution.

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