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26th May 2024

Greetings from Rossi of Sweden

This incredibly beautiful video contains an extra nice detail: a blue scarf worn by Cia. I was present when that exact scarf was purchased. It happened in Jerusalem, during an Easter celebration many years ago. We had passed by the store several times, maintaining just the right level of disinterest one tries to convey when […]

Mtaani Jazz Festival May 5th 2024

Held in Kibera slums. Nairobi’s slum areas are awakening to a new era of culture and recreation for their residents, which are crucial elements for identity, pride and self-confidence.. These initiatives comes from the individuals living in the community or those who have lived there and now wish to contribute to their former neighborhood. In […]

The Drapó (holy flag) at The Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm

Written by Tina Hamrin The Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm opened in 1900 as a section of the National Museum of Natural History, but its collections date all the way back to the Natural History cabinets of the 17th century. The museum also features objects that were collected during the 18th century’s expeditions, and 19th […]

The Renaissance man 2.0

Written by Preben Wik Sometimes when I think of the state of the world, it strikes me that our adaptability as a species has worked to our benefit, and made us the top dog on the planet, but it also works to our disadvantage, and could become our downfall.It is not a good idea to […]

Renässans för renässansmänniskan

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skriven av Johan Holm Att vara en renässansmänniska betyder ursprungligen att vara mångkunnig, brett bildad och humanist. Renässansens människor hade en tydlig självbild av att deras tid var något nytt. Efter 1000 år i skuggan av kyrkan och det medeltida mörkret, skulle nu ljus, konst och profan kunskap fylla världen. För den vanlige bonden […]

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