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26th May 2024

Not sure.

written by Daniel Wernegren In the song “The Hills,” The Weeknd sings: “When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me.” The song paints a depressingly

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One hidden Gem

Written by Hillevi Helm If you find yourself along the Kenyan coast, heading north from Mombasa, I want to tell you about a place you’ll

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Putins playbook

Written by Johan Holm The new fascists don’t want to be called fascists. Social conservatives. Nationalists – Patriotic Alliance – anything but fascists. But Russia,

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The Yaya Bookstore

I looked through the recommendations for tourists coming to Nairobi and was somewhat disappointed. Aside from various animal-centric attractions, the suggested places were rather dull.

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written by Hillevi Helm Today, I happened to find myself in an armchair, doing nothing, not because I had nothing to do. In reality, I

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Renässans för renässansmänniskan

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skriven av Johan Holm Att vara en renässansmänniska betyder ursprungligen att vara mångkunnig, brett bildad och humanist. Renässansens människor hade en tydlig självbild av

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____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skriven av Johan Holm Det där med att bli gammal är ju inte så kul. Ännu tråkigare var det förr i världen, när jag

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