HOW DO WE interact with machines?

Welcome to InteractionAction!

We offer a variation of expertise according to our knowledge.
In fields like education, social robotics, hydroponics, AI, creative writing and a lot more...
We are young but with 30 years of experience each, lets get connected.

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Our philosophy

Our idea is to make a closed cycle of the clothes that are dumped here in Africa, and bring them back to Europe for a second life.

We want to start a circular clothing industry and at the same time give an opportunity for some people in Kenya to get a financial boost.
We pick up the finest fresh clothes, that have landed here in Nairobi. Maybe they need a new button or a minor adjustment that can be fixed by a local talent.

We are number three in a chain of buyers, which mean that for every item we buy, two other persons benefit.

You dear customer is number 4 in the chain.

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What are we doing?


creater of this page, innovation, ideas, problem solver, narrative writer, sketching, photogarphy, education, been working with different kind of students, different kind of education in different countries...
Hillevi Helm
Speaker, social robot interaction, content builder, narrative, hydroponic
Preben Wik
Founder, CEO

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